Two tips to follow if you're gifting someone guitar lesson vouchers

Posted on: 26 August 2021

If you know someone who has expressed an interest in learning the guitar, and you'd like to gift them some guitar lesson vouchers, here are some tips to follow.

Get them vouchers that will cover at least five guitar lessons

It's best to ensure that the voucher covers the cost of at least five guitar lessons. The reason for this is that beginners usually have to spend their first few lessons working on the very basic principles of guitar playing, such as the correct way to hold a guitar and how to play the simplest chords. Because this introductory period is not terribly exciting, and because they may get sore fingertips after strumming (as a result of not yet having calluses), some beginners can end up quitting, particularly if they're paying for the lessons themselves and don't want to spend more money on something that they find too challenging.

However, after the first few lessons, most people find that playing the guitar becomes more and more fun, as their ever-increasing chord repertoire allows them to play interesting music and they become better at picking and strumming. As such, if you get your friend or relative vouchers that cover five or more lessons, and they feel a bit disheartened after their first couple, they'll be more likely to return for the remaining lessons if doing so won't don't cost them anything; this could then potentially lead to them getting over this initial challenge and falling in love with playing this instrument.

Consider getting them an inexpensive starter guitar kit

If you're close to this person and have a large gift budget, it might also be worth getting them an inexpensive guitar kit that includes a starter guitar, along with some spare strings (as beginners often break strings due to strumming too harshly), a guitar pick and a guitar strap. It might also be useful to get them a guitar chord chart that they can refer to when practising at home.

This will mean that they won't put off using the vouchers for the lessons just because they have not yet been able to buy themselves a guitar or have to rent a guitar because they cannot afford to purchase one outright. It's still worth doing this, even if the guitar teacher you've chosen has spare guitars that their students can use, as the recipient will need to practise the guitar at home too in order to make any significant progress and they won't be able to take the teacher's extra guitar home with them.


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