Want to Learn a New Musical Instrument? 3 Reasons Renting It Is the Best Option

Posted on: 5 October 2020

The process of learning to play a musical instrument is more challenging than most people think. It is not uncommon for people to lose interest in learning how to play a musical instrument after a few lessons. However, the biggest hurdle is the high cost of purchasing one in the first place.

A good instrument is an investment in your music journey. As a beginner, you might get tempted to buy a cheaper musical instrument to try it out, but these instruments don't offer high sound quality. Therefore, a musical instrument rental can offer numerous benefits. Here are a few of them.

1. Saves Money

As an up-coming musician, it can be great to find ways to save your money. As a young person trying to learn a new instrument, even used items can seem a bit costly. Therefore, renting the instrument you want to learn is a great choice.

Renting gives you the time to analyse if you have the discipline to learn how to play the instrument or if you are interested in it at all. After you become a proficient player, it will make sense to buy something that will take your music career a step further.

2. Allows You to Experiment

As you are getting into the world of music, you may be drawn to one particular instrument, such as the violin. Therefore, you will pick one up and start going for lessons only to realise that a violin is not the ideal fit for you. You can just return the violin and switch to a new instrument. Renting musical instruments gives you the freedom to try different things to find out which one suits you. Later, you can then purchase the instrument after you master the right skills.

3. Avoid Storage Issues

It is easy to store one musical instrument such as a keyboard, but things can get out of control fast once you start adding up these instruments. Therefore, instead of buying every musical instrument that captures your interest, it is best to rent them. As you continue to hone your skills, you will begin to hear subtle differences in musical instruments depending on the brand or age. If you don't have enough space, rent out an instrument until you are skilled enough to choose the best type of musical instrument to play.

Renting musical instruments will offer great benefits, but you may not know where to get them from. In such cases, get a musical expert to help you select the best places for renting these instruments. Experts can also help you choose a high-quality instrument from the various choices available. Find a shop near you that offers instrument rentals.   


Feeling No Pain: The Secret Powers Of Music

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." I live by these inspiring words from the legendary Bob Marley. As a music therapist, I find that music has the power to relax, heal, reduce pain, promote happiness and recall memories. I encourage my clients to take up instruments, attend musical performances and regularly listen to various types of music. I have seen some truly amazing transformations. In particular, I have found that music can stimulate dementia patients when other parts of their memory are lost. I have also found that children with learning difficulties can make great strides when music is introduced into their lives. I am constantly researching different types of music and musical instruments in order to broaden options for my clients. I've recorded some of my more interesting discoveries here in my blog to share with other music lovers. Please enjoy.