Why a Digital Piano May Be Better Than an Acoustic Piano

Posted on: 1 October 2015

A digital piano is a piano that is designed to mimic an acoustic piano (a piano that produces different sounds depending on which key you press and how long you press that key). The digital piano has many advantages over its acoustic counterpart. This article discusses some of those advantages.

It Has a Built-In Recorder

Digital pianos (such as Kawai pianos) have a built-in recorder that is an invaluable tool to music students. The student can record a musical piece as he or she plays it. This recording can then be replayed for self-evaluation. Such a feature is not available in acoustic pianos.

You Can Use Headphones with a Digital Piano

Many times, people are inconvenienced by the constant "noise" coming from a nearby home or room where someone is playing a piano. Unfortunately, the piano player may not know that his/her neighbors or housemates do not share his/her musical enthusiasm. This can cause conflict between the person playing the piano and those who would like some silence to prevail. This conflict may be particularly serious if you keep playing the same piece all day. A digital piano has a feature that allows the player to plug in headphones so that he or she is the only one listening to the piano. Acoustic pianos lack this feature.

It Does Not Need Tuning

Acoustic pianos eventually go out of tune and the piano owner has to hire someone to tune his or her piano. A digital piano does not have actual strings so it cannot get out of tune. Owning a digital piano enables you to make savings over time since you will not incur the cost of having your instrument tuned from time to time.

It Has a Metronome

A metronome is a device that enables musicians to mark time as they play instruments. This tool is very useful to learners because it helps them to be aware of the time they are taking to play a given note or piece. Digital pianos have an inbuilt metronome so you will not have to guess how long you have been playing each note.

It is important to select a high quality digital piano so that you produce high-quality music that is hard to differentiate from the music produced by an acoustic piano. Find a supplier who has various brands such as Kawai pianos and Ronisch pianos so that you test several of them before you choose one.


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